Men’s COOGI Clothing

When you think of Coogi Clothing, your first thought might be the Cosby sweaters, which they are quite famous for creating, but they have grown so much in their history. In the start, Coogi was creating knitted sweaters for tourists, which grew to celebrities as their popularity went up. Once the urban youth got hold of these designs thanks to The Notorious BIG, though, they become the first choice for them. Kids of all ages and races in urban communities loved the designs and turned this brand into what it is today. Worn by some of the biggest celebrities, both in the past and present, Coogi Clothing attracts fame for a reason. The quality is high, designs colorful and unique, and interest growing, even to include women and children.

Before their major success with hip hop stars and urban youth in America, Coogi Clothing was selling clothes to tourists in Australia. As they began to grow, they started to attract big names. Muhammad Ali and, most famously, Bill Cosby began to wear these around, giving the Coogi line some more recognition and popularity. Not long after, hip hop stars like The Notorious BIG, who made the biggest contribution to their current urban popularity, began to wear them. After using the name in some lyrics, his fans began sporting the clothes wherever they went. This has led to Coogi Clothing being the major urban line it is today.

If you were to look into buying Coogi today, you will find urban inspired, colorfully designed outfits. These are worn by many celebrities in the entertainment industry, most notably artists such as Jay Z, Ice T, LL Cool J, and more. With its huge popularity amongst such celebrities, it is no surprise it offers high quality along with interesting, attractive textures and designs. Of course, it is not only the biggest names in the entertainment industry wearing Coogi. With its major success in urban areas, it has become one of the first choices for the youth in those places. Cities across the country have men, women, and children wearing these clothes and proudly representing the Coogi brand.

There is quite a bit of history to Coogi Clothing, all leading up to its popularity now. It had been loved by celebrities years ago and still is by some of the biggest name in urban culture. Entertainers like Ice T and Jay Z, along with many, many more, love this brand because of its unique appearance and appeal that make it more than just a clothing brand. It is something people can wear proudly and love, as well as feel comfortable in because of its quality. Its name is known in the urban/hip hop community, even with its beginnings being far from this group, and it continues to grow in popularity. As Coogi grows, expanding itself to include women and children’s lines, so does the interest. More people can enjoy the colorful, unique designs that are made specifically for the urban youth, turning this into a powerhouse in the urban market.