LRG Clothing

If you are out on the town, you know the importance of the right clothes. Anything too heavy, uncomfortable, loose, or just plain annoying does not work. You are left unable to do all of the tasks and activities you want and need to do, adding stress to your own life, something you should not have to deal with when it because of clothes. This is why LRG clothing exists. Founded by two people who knew how to start and the direction to take, this has exploded in popularity, which actually happened fairly early on. People enjoy their comfortable, durable street wear, both men and women, that make it easy to do everything you need to do. As they grow, people continue to go to them for their clothing options and will do so for a long time to come.

LRG clothing found quick success after it first came into existence in 1999, making a million by 2000 and only going up from there. One of the founders, Robert Wright, knew how to make this happen because of his previous experience with other street clothing companies. He had worked for several big time companies before finally joining with Jonas Bevacqua to create LRG clothing. Jonas, who recently passed away, was able to find a large portion of the initial investment, which helped them to find quick success. Everything they put forward has clearly paid off because of this company’s current popularity, something that only continues to grow.

With their popularity, LRG has decided to branch out to also include women’s wear. Their new women’s line, Luxirie, has styles and fits for the woman who is out there and experiencing life. Many of their styles are made to be easy for walking around in and doing all of your regular activities, even more. With this street wear, women are finding it increasingly easy to do their daily tasks, chores, and activities with few problems that stem from uncomfortable, ill fitting clothes.

While they are mostly a clothing company, LRG does quite a bit more. One of the things they are famous for doing is designing a version of the Sidekick III for T Mobile, an item that was quickly sold out. It was a way to bring in more interest for both companies, which worked wonders. With the LRG color and logo, this gave them an opportunity to expand their design abilities while also bringing in more customers and interest.

The current quality of their products is high, which adds to their popularity on a constant basis. The people in charge know these types of clothing items and the need for them to be good. When they are not, wearers risk tears and undesired problems that bring down the items as a whole. Rather than let their customers deal with this, LRG clothing has taken it upon themselves to create durable, attractive wear for those who need it. When out and about, wearers of this brand can enjoy doing all of their normal activities with fewer worries, making everything just that much better.