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In the past two decades, Mecca Clothing has become a staple of the hip hop and urban youth scene. Virtually ignoring traditional fashion statements such as formal and business wear, Mecca Clothing has established their brand in street, casual and sports wear.

Formed in 1994 by Mike Alesko and Tony Shellman, Mecca Clothing quickly gained its reputation for creating exciting, colorful street wear thanks to the Alesko’s previous efforts at International News, a Seattle-based company that would later create Mecca Clothing. Shellman built his reputation as a hip hop clothing innovator who had co-founded other fashion companies such as Encye and Parish Nation. Shellman’s influences come from the New York hip hop fashion scene, elements that he has refined at Mecca Clothing.

The raw edge that is the hallmark of Mecca Clothing is certainly founded in the streets of New York City. In fact for many young people around the country, the Mecca clothing line served as a type of uniform, a statement for their culture. By the end of the 1990s, Mecca Clothing was being seen in suburban and rural areas as well. For them, this served as a means of identifying with the hip hop and rap culture that they enjoyed even if they didn’t live in the city.

It wasn’t long before Mecca Clothing made its way into department stores and major malls competing with top of the line fashion products. Expanding its reach to stores around the world, it also became common for celebrities to sport Mecca fashions as well. The success of Mecca Clothing was based on having mainstream access for urban street wear, a powerful combination.

It wasn’t long before Mecca Clothing began expanding it’s choices of fashion from the baggy denims, printed T shirts and top quality hoodies to having polo shirts and even reversible jackets. Women’s and girls clothing became part of the mix as well as the offshoot Mecca Femme provides a full line of urban fashion choices for women and girls.

The Mecca Femme line, introduced in 2002 features European influences which have created a very unique style that is highly popular. A blend of cotton and spandex for their line of brand jeans has become a favorite of the Mecca Femme line.

Perhaps the best evidence of the power of Mecca Clothing has been the number of other hip hop fashion brands that have come it its wake. The sheer number of follow-ups has only reinforced Mecca Clothing’s hold on the fashion world when it comes to sports, hip hop and casual wear. Even today, Mecca Clothing has broadened its market while maintaining its roots in the urban fashion scene.
Mecca Clothing combines high quality materials with unique fashion sense in an urban environment that is still just as trendy and accessible today as it was back in 1994 when it first burst onto the scene. Combined with low, competitive prices Mecca Clothing looks to continue to grow and expand its line of fashion choices for women, men, girls and boys.