Men’s Southpole Clothing

The Southpole clothing line was founded by a pair of Korean born brothers named David and Kenny Khym. In 1981, the Khym brothers established a line of urban wear in Brooklyn, New York. After a raise in the rent, the brothers relocated to Queens, New York. This move proved to be very fortuitous since by 1991, the Khym brothers had to establish “Wicked Fashions” to provide wholesale fashions to keep up with the demand for their line. David decided to rename the line Southpole to honor the first Korean expedition to reach the South Pole. The Southpole clothing line is largely manufactured in Pakistan, China, India and Vietnam. The imported clothing is then sold through large retailers in the United States and around the globe.

The Southpole clothing line sets itself apart by continuing to keep an eye on urban fashion trends in local areas and providing goods at affordable prices. The Southpole line was at one time known for it’s baggy oversized fit, but as street wear has changed, so has Southpole. Now the line is filled with hoodies, tees and jeans of slim-fitting silhouettes, which reflects the current urban wear climate. The men’s line is full of cargo pants, plaid button-downs, denim wear and even a playful salute to school with a hip take on the varsity jacket. The juniors’ department hosts brightly hued skinny jeans, tanks, hoodie tees and even some tapered versions of varsity jackets. There are also slim-fitting sweatshirts and hoodies to help keep off the fall chill.

The Southpole clothing line doesn’t stop at men’s and juniors’ divisions. It also caters to boys, girls and toddlers. The boys can been seen in a wide range of hoodies, cargo pants and tees with the layered look. The girls can enjoy sporting hoodies, baby doll tees, and a range of denim wear with colorful touches. Capri pants and short skirts with urban flair can be worn by the young feminine set, courtesy of this clever fashion forward line. Toddlers can fit in with style of their older siblings or parents. It’s this kind of marketing that keeps Southpole on the fashion map. Understanding the widespread appeal of street born fashion explains the existence of hundreds of Southpole retailers in the New Jersey area alone.

The Southpole clothing line also features accessories. Shades with a nod to the 1970s, a plaid cap or two and colorful athletic shoes can be worn to enhance any number of outfits. This urban wear giant has even begun to step into the world of handbags, wallets and belts. The distinctive, tattoo inspired, scroll work design is most often used to display the well-known Southpole name on the line’s tees and hoodies. The Southpole clothing line gets that urban wear should be ready-to-wear and it’s prices should reflect that. The Southpole line has a way to cost effectively add some street style to the wardrobe of consumers in any economic bracket. This line’s accessibility even in a tough economy is sure to keep it going strong for years to come.